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Home and Room Additions

Remodeling your home can start as soon you contact us here at HESD Contractors San Diego. We are ready to start as soon as possible and work day and night in order to meet your deadlines. In order to achieve this and to make your home better in every way you can imagine, we hire only the best employees in the business. The end result must be very polished, in a lack of a better word.

Room additions are just one of the many contracting services we offer. Basically, we will help you upgrade your room and make it look how you have always wanted it to look. We don’t believe in limitations, so as a client, you will have a complete freedom to choose anything you want, like and need to include in your freshly remodeled room.

Simple additions
We start with offering simple additions that can give you slightly more space to your home. This can be a sun room added or a laundry room or even a basement finished. These are considered smaller additions and conversions.

Medium additions
In this case, we will be prepared to offer you a medium-size and medium-importance additions. This can extend a good portion of the property out. We would consider kitchen additions and living room and bathroom additions medium size additions.

Large additions
A large addition would be considered a new wing being added to the home or a 2nd story being erected. These are additions that are more or less doubling the Square Footage of your place. We use structural engineers and pull permits to get these additions built. We work with architects and designers to make sure it works and is structurally sound.

Once the remodeling process is complete, you will be proud of the result. After every single project w edo follow ups with you to check for any settling in cracks and fix as needed. You will get a completely new home that looks original and impressive in almost every way you can imagine. Call us today and have one of our designers and contractors come and meet you to discuss the project.

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