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Kitchen Remodeling

We are ready to help you design the most functional kitchen in your home that will serve you for many years. All you will have to do is specify your key kitchen needs. At HESD Contractors San Diego we believe that meeting expectation of clients is mandatory and it must be achieved every single time. In order to maximize the satisfactory rate, we offer several, different types of Kitchen Remodeling services. They are as follows:

1. Use an old footprint
This is the cheapest alternative for you. In essence, you will be able to get a completely new kitchen, but it will have the same dimensions and the same footprint as the old one. We can refinish old cabinets our do a swap out.

2. Kitchen expansion
This is slightly more expensive, but a preferable option. You will get more space, simply because your kitchen will be extended, as much as space allows. If you have a big home, the possibilities are limitless. There are no rules, in this case, so you will be able to get anything you want.

3. Bump-out
The alternative in question allows you to get a bigger kitchen, but without having to the extent it in any way. It is the latest addition which is preferable by owners with smaller homes.

4. Re-location
At any given moment, you will be able to relocate your kitchen. We will offer you two, sub-possibilities. You can get completely new hardware and basically end up with a completely new kitchen, or you can use your old components if they are still in decent condition. In any case, there are no limitations, so you can increase the size of a kitchen, or join it with another room or area in your home.

Unique possibilities

All of the services we mentioned above are in demand. However, at HESD Contractors San Diego we give you instant start dates on projects as we have a large staff. Our employees are capable of helping you get a unique kitchen remodeling that is treated with the best craftsmanship. In essence, you will be able to make any arrangements and changes you require so it suits your needs. The sky is the limit, and if you are trying to get a kitchen that's extraordinary. We will be able to complete the job on time every time. In a matter of days, you will start to get a completely new kitchen, based on your personal specifications.

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